Halkidiki - Sithonia

“There is nothing like Halkidiki,” say the northern Greeks and they know what they’re talking about.Halkidiki tempts you to live a unique travel experience  and if you wish, uplift your spirit with its religious heritage.. Beach lovers will fall hopelessly in love with Halkidiki. Pine trees to the water’s edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal clear water, hidden coves. Dive into unspeakable beauty. Explore it with all your senses.


Mythology talks of battles between gods and giants; On your way to Halkidiki make a stop to visit the Petralona cave where the oldest European hominid, was found. he Petralona skull, estimated at about 700,000 years old.
From Sithonia you can visit the renowned monastic retreat of Mount Athos and the charming sense of mystery and magic still hangs palpably in the air. But today Halkidiki offers so much more to its visitor. With a warm embrace extended to all-comers, it blends the carefree with the exciting, making a holiday that’s fun but not too frenetic, if that is not quite to your taste. Indeed, there can be something almost dreamy about your time there and perhaps this more than anything is the essence of exoticism.

So come and experience for yourself the place that has kept its authenticity, vibrancy and open - heartedness like no other.


From Pyrgos Bungalows in as short distance you can visit the old town of Nikiti, with a history of 700 year. (7km). Also at the old town of Nikiti (7km), you can taste the greek recipes in Tavern Platanos or drink great cocktails and enjoy a night out in Halkidiki in an amazing environment, at the Barcarolla Bar


For Cruises in 1km from Pyrgos Bungalows, in Ormos Panagia village there are boats for cruises in Mount Athos and from Vourvourou town you can rent a boat, visit the small islands of the gulf like Diapers island and swim in crystal clear waters.


Extra info1,5Km from Pyrgos Bungalows in Agios Nicolaos  town, there is a Health Center, a Police station, drugstores, a post office, ATM, and super markets.

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